Music Theory (5) – Intervals

In this episode I explain all about intervals. Intervals are the difference between the pitches of 2 notes. They can be perfect, major or minor. There are also other types of intervals which I will explain in another video.

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Music Theory (4) – Relative Major / Minor

In this episode I demonstrate how to work out the relative major / minor keys. Each major key has a relative minor key that shares the same key signature. This can be very useful in composition.

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Music Theory (3) – Chord Inversions

In this episode I talk about different ways to play standard triad chords and how you can make your music flow better by using chord inversions.

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Music Theory (2) – Modal Scales


In this episode I explain what modal scales are and demonstrate how to easily work them out over any key.

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Music Theory (1) – Alternative Way to Learn Major Scales

Hello everyone!

I have recently started making music theory videos on my YouTube channel (click here to see). The videos are aimed at people who already know some music theory but struggle to understand other bits. I try to explain things in the way that made it stick in my head when I was studying it at college / uni. Some videos are tips, some are alternative methods and others are straight up theory.

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How Content ID Needs To Change.


A while ago I wrote a blog post explaining how Content ID is the future and it isn’t going anywhere so people need to learn to adapt to it and learn more about it. Well it’s been a year and a half since I published that post and things have changed, but not for the better.

Content ID on paper seems perfect for musicians and composers. Your song is put into a system which scans the whole of Youtube looking for videos that use your song, when a video is detected it sends a notification to the videos owner saying that any monetization from this video will be shared with the owner of the song unless you can prove that you have a license to use it. Seems simple doesn’t it….

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