Ukulele Sample Pack – $3.99

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PRICE: – $3.99
SIZE: – 12 mb

This is a pack of real ukulele samples. Each note of the ukulele has been recorded ranging from C3 – E4. There are also 4 chords too – C major, F major, G major and A minor. You can even play chords with the individual notes if you group them together. All the samples have been perfectly tuned.

Great for happy, carefree, fun corporate songs or folk music.

** You must have a sequencer or programmable drum machine in order to use these samples, these are just the raw audio files, no software is included. I recommend using a VST called NI Battery which allows you to assign any audio file to any midi note. **



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Here is a song I wrote using these ukulele samples.


Here are the samples played on their own without any effects.